How to View Deleted Orders on AliExpress

Many buyers are interested in how to find deleted orders for Aliexpress.

Deleted orders  are located on a special page, which can be found in the “Order Management” menu in your AliExpress account. When a user accidentally deleted an order and wants to return it, you must click the “Restore Order” button.

Read more about all the nuances below in our instructions below.

How to view deleted orders on Aliexpress

We have prepared for you a direct link to the desired section. When you go through it, you will immediately find the necessary lost goods.

🎯 Go to the REMOTE ORDERS section (on AliExpress)

I recommend that you read the instructions below so as not to re-search for our article in the future. When the question arises again, where to find deleted orders for Aliexpress.

How to find and recover deleted orders for Aliexpress

Time Needed: 5 минуты.

Recently, everything has changed on the AliExpress. Now it is much more difficult to find deleted orders there.

  1. Go to “My Orders”

    On the AliExpress website, hover over your profile icon, then select “My Orders”Go to My Orders

  2. Go to “Deleted Orders”

    The menu item will appear in the menu on the right above. 
    Click on this link.Deleted Orders Aliexpress

  3. Restoring an order on Aliexpress

    While on the landing page, check the box next to the item you want to restore. 
    After that, click the “Restore Order” button on the right.Where to restore the order on Aliexpress

Orders on this page are stored for a long time. Even if some of them are already closed, you can always use the link to the product. After all, that was what interested you in the first place, really!

If you need to restore several product cards at once, check them and click on the button:

Restore deleted ordres on Aliexpress

🔥 Updated

Recently, many users have begun to complain that the “Remote Orders” item has disappeared from the left menu . This is true, and so far there is no normal solution.

To find them, we offer several ways:

First. Use direct link:

Second . We first go to the “Message Center” menu, then go to the “My Orders” item (in the red menu):

Third . In turn, go to such items in the left menu: first “Returns and disputes”, then after opening the page in “General”, then “Orders”. All this is too long, but I did not find another way.

After options 2 and 3 of this, you will see that the desired link has appeared, but already in the main menu of orders:

После вариантов 2 и 3 этого вы увидите, что нужная ссылка появилась, но уже в основном меню заказов:

How to View Deleted Orders on AliExpress

Cause? This is probably some kind of transition to a new version of the cabinet, which is why Aliexpress deleted orders are not in their place.

See also: Aliexpress order history .

How to delete an order on Aliexpress

There are situations when too many orders get in the way. Imagine that you buy a lot, and most of the purchases in history are no longer relevant. Then it makes sense to get rid of them.

A list of all orders of the buyer is presented in his personal account. All purchases that you have made are displayed on the ” MY ORDERS ” tab (the link leads to the corresponding page on the site).

Here’s what it looks like:

How to delete Aliexpress orders
Displaying the history of purchases in your AliExpress account

If some of the history items are superfluous and distract your attention, you can simply delete them.

☝️ Note! Only completed (confirmed) or still unpaid orders can be deleted. If the package is on the way, the purchase record will not be deleted.

To delete an order, click on the button. After that, a pop-up window will appear in which you must confirm your intention.

Click on the orange button as shown in the picture.

How to View Deleted Orders on AliExpress

When you follow these simple steps, the unnecessary card will disappear from the page. The order will be transferred to Aliexpress’s deleted orders page.

Read about a number of situations that relate to the topic of how to remove Aliexpress (when it comes to a personal profile, comments left, etc.).

What to do if an error occurs

Some users are complaining that they can’t open the link we provided. When you try to go to the page, you see a window with the following content:

Ошибка при удалении

If you are also experiencing similar difficulties, then you need to do the following:

The browser window will display the following link: noPrivilege.htm

All you have to do is replace noPrivilege.htm with ordertrash/orderTrash.htm

Remote orders in the Aliexpress app

Recently, most buyers prefer to use the AliExpress app instead of the website. Users are interested in how to view deleted orders for Aliexpress from the phone (in the application).

Unfortunately, there is no suitable functionality in the application. Restoring the desired order in the program will not work. You are left with two options:

  1. use the manual for the site – do everything through a browser on a mobile phone;
  2. try a little and look for the lost item in the store manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Частые вопросы по теме

Accidentally deleted an order for Aliexpress – how to restore??

Follow the instructions on the page above. On the page that opens, specify the order you are interested in and activate the restore option:Восстановить удаленные заказ

What orders can be deleted on Aliexpress?

Those that you have not yet paid for and those that have arrived (where the parcel has already been received).

Which orders cannot be deleted on AliExpress?

Those with one of the statuses: Sending is expected, There is a dispute.

How to delete an order permanently (permanently)?

Go to the “Remote Orders” page and tick the one you need. 
Next click on the button Delete


Now you know how to find deleted orders for Aliexpress and return them back. This is done in just a couple of clicks.

We hope we have helped you resolve your difficulties. If you want to thank us, leave a comment under the article, and also share it on social networks. This will help us a lot. Happy shopping!

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