Aliexpress Promo Codes

Aliexpress promo code is a real discount that is applied when buying on the site and in the application. This is a set of letters and numbers that you need to insert into the Promo Code field.

On this page, we collect and publish general AliExpress promo codes that work in 2022.

Active Aliexpress Promo Codes

Now there are new actual promotional codes Aliexpress for Mega Brand Sale. They will be valid for several days, from 22 to 26 August. The quantity is limited, because buyers from many countries will use them.

  $3 off $40
$8 off $90
  $11 off $130
Больше неактивен 26-08-2022
  $15 off $180
Больше неактивен 26-08-2022

AliExpress Promo Codes USA

  – Back to School Sale Code – US:
  US $3 off $20 with Code: 828US3
  US $7 off $50 with Code: 828US7
  US $15 off $100 with Code: 828US15
  US $30 off $200 with Code: 828US30
  – New Users Code – USA:
  US $5 off $20 with Code: USNEW5
  US $8 off $40 with Code: USNEW8
  US $12 off $80 with Code: USNEW12
  US $25 off $150 with Code: USNEW25

AliExpress Codigos Spain

Para todos los productos:

  2 € de descuento 25 € compra mínima con el código: VUELTA2
  5 € de descuento 50 € compra mínima con el código: VUELTA5
  10 € de descuento 100 € compra mínima con el código: VUELTA10
  25 € de descuento 200 € compra mínima con el código: VUELTA25
  35 € de descuento 300 € compra mínima con el código: VUELTA35
  50 € de descuento 400 € compra mínima con el código: VUELTA50
  Para los productos enviados desde Europa
  7 € de descuento 50 € compra mínima con el código: OWES7
  15 € de descuento 120 € compra mínima con el código: OWES15

Where do Aliexpress promo codes 2022 work?

General Aliexpress promotional codes for all products are valid in such countries as: Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, England, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Montenegro, Croatia, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and many others around the world.

AliExpress promotional codes do not work for buyers in the following countries: Spain, France, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, USA, Brazil.

What are AliExpress promo codes?

There are such types of Aliexpress promotional codes:

  • General promotional codes of the AliExpress platform – they can be used absolutely without restrictions. They work for all goods and stores. These are the most advantageous discounts that are not offered very often.
  • Ali promo codes for selected products. They are issued monthly, usually in five denominations. Allows you to save on a certain range of products
  • AliExpress sellers (shops) promo codes. Can only be used when ordering in specific stores.
  • Promotional codes. Only to apply for offers in the same promo.
  • Aliexpress beginner promo codes. Used on the first purchase and only. They have a very favorable discount rate, sometimes over 60-80%.
  • Buyer’s birthday promo code. It can be found in a special section of the loyalty system.
  • AliExpress special promo codes in the app.
  • Individual, exclusive and secret promo codes for a discount. They are received by buyers with a special status and privileges.
  • Brand promo codes.

You also need to separately highlight promotional codes for big sales:

  • Black Friday
  • 11 11 (World Shopping Day)
  • Birthday Aliexpress
  • Brand Week
  • Summer Sale


Where can I get an AliExpress promo code?

On the Aliprofi com website, in this section, we will constantly publish promotional codes and coupons that give decent discounts.

Where to insert the Aliexpress promo code?

In a special field on the checkout page. It’s called Promo code.

When will the new AliExpress promotional codes be available?

As soon as they become available, we will immediately add fresh promo codes. 
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