Where and how to view the AliExpress order history

The Aliexpress order history contains a list of purchases made on the site for the entire time of using the online store.

To find the order history, go to the personal account of the AliExpress user, and find My orders there. This page contains a complete list of all customer orders. You can view the status of orders, open disputes, and leave feedback. And here it is easy to order the desired product again.

🎯 And here is a DIRECT LINK for you, which leads to the page with the order history on the AliExpress.com website.

Here’s how the orders page looks like:

Where and how to view the AliExpress order history

How to find the Aliexpress order history

Time Needed: 3 минуты.

A simple guide to help you find all my orders on AliExpress.

  1. Log in to the site

    Enter your email and password to access the account.Log in AliExpress

  2. Go to My AliExpress

    Next, click on your name and in the drop-down list, click on the “My Orders” tabMy orders tab AliExpress

  3. View your purchase history

    The section will collect records of purchases on AliExpress of all time. 
    If there are many items, they are archived on different pages. A list of these pages is at the bottom of the section. Find full Aliexpress order history

There is easy navigation and sorting by order types. You can view its price, see the number, check the current status, and find the tracking code for each product.

On the mobile app

  • Go to the “My Profile” section (in the lower right corner)
  • You will see the heading “Orders” and the link “View All” opposite it. This is the page you need.

What does the Aliexpress order history section give

ВIf necessary, here you can also open a dispute and delete inactive or overdue orders.

Purchase history on AliExpress – gives you many opportunities to analyze your previous actions. If you need to recommend a quality purchased item, just go to the Aliexpress order history section. Then choose a good product and copy the link to it. So you can easily share interesting things with friends or acquaintances.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the AliExpress order history?

In a personal account. Go to My Orders section, it contains an archive of all orders on the site. There you can view everything you need.

How to restore order history?

You can return only those archived purchases that are in the deleted section. 
Go to the appropriate tab, and there click the “Restore” button next to the desired order.

How to find old orders for Aliexpress?

You can view old purchases in the history section. They may be hiding on other pages. 
Scroll down, and you will see a list of all archive pages. To find the old order you need, go through these pages.

How to delete order history on Aliexpress

When you have made a lot of purchases and their history is full, sometimes you want to clear some entries. A logical question arises – how to clear the order history for Aliexpress?

Unfortunately, there is no special button for erasing the entire history at once. You will have to get rid of each purchase record individually.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • When you are on the “All Orders” page, find the entry you are interested in;
  • Look in the upper right corner of the order card, there you will see the basket icon;
  • Click on it;
  • A window will appear asking you to confirm your decision.

After that, you will see how the order disappeared from history. Now it can be found in another section with the archive.

Please note! You can only delete completed purchases. Otherwise, you won’t see the shopping cart button.

🎯 If you want to find the deleted record later, read: How to find deleted orders on Aliexpress

As you can see, the Aliexpress order history is a very important section. Here you get all the necessary information about your purchases on the site. In fact, this is the most important page in the personal account of the online store. You can find and sort the desired orders, delete them, or re-order the item.

We hope we helped you figure it out. And if you have any questions, ask them in the comments!

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  1. Jack Stranger

    The order history is NOT shown on the page in question any longer. I wanted to buy some automation devices, the same as before, for replacement. But the request resulted in just …You don’t have active orders…. That’s it.

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