What is AliExpress Mystery Box

Today, buyers from different countries are buying the Mystery Box in AliExpress in bulk. Therefore, we decided to figure out what it is and whether it is worth buying such boxes.

Is it possible to really get a phone, smartwatch, tablet, or other cool gadgets for 300-400 rubles? Or is this another scam? We offer an honest review with an analysis of reviews and videos.

Aliexpress Mystery Box – What you need to know

A Mystery Box is a box with a surprise, with unknown content. The customer orders an unknown product, assuming that he will get something useful and interesting at a reduced cost. The order is made as usual.

⚠️ Pay attention! Mystery Box is not an official promotion of the AliExpress platform. These are offers from specific stores.

What is offered: each buyer of the site can order a box with unknown content. You will find such lots, if you enter the corresponding query into the search line on the website:

Mystery Box Aliexpress - page view
As a rule, in the image you will see a box with a question mark.

Such product could have thousands of orders. And, most importantly, It has extremely positive ratings. 4.8, 4.9 and even 5! The picture shows painted images of popular gadgets (smartphones, tablets, headphones, TVs, smartwatches, etc.)

View available Mystery Boxes on AliExpress

The buyer pays $5-10 or more and enters a lottery, where you can get both inexpensive crafts and cool, expensive things like iPhones. But is it worth it?

Mystery Box cost : very variable. You can pay 1$, 5$, 10$, and even tens of thousands. The content of the package will be different. It depends of the cost.

Product Reviews: Mostly positive.

Mystery Box Aliexpress customer reviews - example

There are reasons to believe that many Mystery Box offers from Aliexpress are a scam. It doesn’t mean that you won’t get anything. And the fact that the reviews that you see are not real, but fake. That’s it, they are trying to mislead us.

But if you want to play the lottery, you can take a chance and try your luck:🎁 Go to AliExpress

Is Aliexpress Mystery Box Worth Buying?

Most likely not worth it. Our team does not recommend ordering such boxes, as there is a very high chance that you will receive a package with very product. There may be key rings, hairpins, phone holders, bracelets, cheap jewelry and other trifles that cost pennies.

But here are the reviews about the Mystery Box from Aliexpress , and mostly all of them are positive. That is true. However, it is likely that the majority of customers have no enough time to receive and see their Mystery Boxes . And the truth is that the majority will remain dissatisfied. This conclusion can be made if you watch the videos that dozens of AliExpress buyers have already posted.

Why do people buy Mystery Box? Many people believe that they can buy a cool thing in this way for a very low price. And the unknown only encourages participation in this vanity fair.

Why does AliExpress allow this?

Formally, sellers who organize a campaign with the sale of the Lucky Gift Box do not brake the rules of the marketplace in any way. After all, they still send parcels, trackers are tracked, and the buyer receives his parcel. That is, AliExpress has no reason to ban such promotions. Although they could do it, because the Mystery box Aliexpress divorce spoils the reputation of the service.

By the way, now in January such a lure appeared not for the first time. This has happened several times under different names. Another thing is that AliExpress allows you to advertise mystery “surprises” in the ad blocks of the site and application. Buyers continue to follow this and believe that they must be lucky.

In fact, the scheme with the sale of a pig in a poke is not new. And it is very cool used by sellers to sell goods that have been sitting in warehouses for too long and are not selling.  There is a good opportunity to sell rare products with the sending of the Lucky Box.

A bit of history

 Initially, on AliExpress, “Boxes of Happiness” really worked honestly. You ordered a parcel, and did not know what was there, but the cost of the contents at least corresponded to the paid money. Sometimes it was even more profitable. But over time, scammers began to use the scheme.

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Real Videos of Mystery Box Unboxings

The presented videos show the unpacking of the Mystery box from Aliexpress. They present different options for boxes and their overview.

Mystery box Aliexpress – divorce or the opportunity to snatch a freebie

Arguments for divorce:

  • Many reviews, even from Russian-speaking countries, are written in English
  • The reviews feature mostly cool things with a lot of value, tablets, quadcopters, smartphones, headphones, etc. If everything was real, then many people would also write about cheap crafts for a couple of cents
  • All Mystery Box deals are newly created and stores open in early January
  • Extremely high ratings and reviews, which cannot but be alarming
  • Mystery Box is not an AliExpress promotion, but offers from individual stores on the platform

Lucky Mystery Box Алиэкспресс

Lucky Box Gift is another variant of the name of the purchase of goods with unknown content. The buyer pays a small amount of money, and in return they receive the hope that something cool will be in the box.

At a high price, it can be a whole selection of different things packed in one box.

Mystery box with Aliexpress real reviews

As you have already noticed, customer reviews of the mystery box on Aliexpress are mostly positive. At the same time, the ratings and ratings of goods are sky-high. Often it is 5 points, which means everyone is happy. But are these reviews real? A big question and the answer is rather no. They are twisted. The seller either paid the bots or cheated them himself.

If you find reviews from real buyers outside of AliExpress, make sure they are predominantly negative. Try to read any forum or check the comments under the Mystery Box unboxing video. You will understand everything yourself.

✂️ Where do positive reviews come from?

The Chinese create fake customer accounts, place orders to their fictitious addresses, and then confirm the order. Boxes are not sent anywhere, and reviews are written as they should be. This is where the awesome gadgets come from in every second review. At what notice, they as on selection different. There is no such thing as several phones in a row. Firstly it is a smartphone. Secondly – cool headphones. In a third time a a tablet, etc.

But there are laudatory responses on YouTube as well?! Here the scheme is more complicated. Some bloggers open really generous Mystery Boxes. They can receive cool devices and a lot of interesting things. But once paid to the blogger, the store has a cool ad that works like a magnet. And then thousands of orders and the same number of deceived ordinary buyers.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

How to get Aliexpress Mystery Box?

Everything is as usual. An order is processed like any other purchase. You pay for the order at checkout and wait for the package to arrive.

How much does the Mystery Box cost?

The price range is very different. From 1 to 100 dollars. The price starts from $5, but may vary. It is formed depending on the potential content.

Mystery box with Aliexpress is a scam or not?

At its core, this is not a hoax, because they really send the parcel, and you will even receive it. But in 99% of cases it will be some kind of trinket, the cost of which is less than the money paid.

Does Aliexpress send Mystery Box and what do the reviews say about it?

Parcels with unknown content are indeed sent. No one is deceiving you, because no one guarantees that a smartphone or tablet will be sent to you. But in fact there is a deception of expectations, because most buyers will become owners of consumer goods, which cost much lower than the money paid.

When can you still buy Mystery Box on AliExpress?

Only if the ratings do not go off scale, and the cost of the order is commensurate with the products that you may come across in the package.

Is it profitable to buy Mystery Box on Ali?

In most cases, no, but there are rare exceptions.

Mystery box Aliexpress is it worth taking?

In short, no, we don’t recommend it. Because the probability of ordering a worthwhile thing in this way tends to zero.

Can I win a Mystery Box iPhone?

The chance of this is 1 to 10,000. It could be only in case where you are not dealing with scammers, but with honest stores. The exception are cases where the cost of the box significantly exceeds the price of the item. For example, there is a Lucky Gift with a price of hundred dollars.

☢️ Our verdict

We have analyzed dozens of videos with Lucky Gift Box unpacking and conclude that buying a pig in a poke with Aliexpress is not profitable right now. Well, unless you want to play the lottery, and you certainly understand that a cheap trinket may be in the box.

Better order what you really need with a discount on the current Aliexpress sale or use promo codes to really save.

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