Why Aliexpress coupons do not work and how to fix it

Buyers sometimes encounter situations when Aliexpress coupons do not work. But this is one of the main ways to get a discount on the site.

But do not despair, most of these situations are easily resolved, and then we tell you what to do.

How Aliexpress coupons work

First you need to figure out exactly how coupons work on Aliexpress. That is, to establish the basic principle of their application.

You need to understand that on AliExpress coupons are applied only to the purchase of goods of a certain type and for a specified amount. It depends on their type:

  1. General – for all product groups;
  2. Shop coupons – only for the range of the end seller;
  3. Special – only for products with a special mark.

And all available coupons are divided by type, depending on the status of the buyer: coupons for beginners and for regular (old customers).

Finally, there are targeted coupons designed only for specific products.

Why Aliexpress coupons do not work and how to fix it

Each coupon has two numbers: the first is the discount amount; the second is the amount you need to spend in order for the discount to be applied. This amount must be taken into account. She should be recruited for one order, not several. It also does not include shipping charges.

Thus, it is already possible to draw intermediate results.

Coupons will not work when:

  • They apply to the wrong product;
  • Not for the amount you need;
  • Used by the wrong user for whom they are intended.

Why Aliexpress coupons do not work – the main reasons

The main reasons why coupons do not work on Aliexpress are:

  1. Application not for those goods. For example, you want to order from another store using the coupon of the wrong seller;
  2. Insufficient order amount. It is less than necessary;
  3. Do not take into account the amount of delivery, which is not covered by the coupon
  4. The coupon has expired;
  5. The coupon does not work in the user’s country;
  6. You have already activated a similar coupon from another profile that has the same data (IP, card number, etc.);
  7. There was an error in the AliExpress service, but it should be fixed soon.

🚀 Solutions when coupons don’t work

✅ Here is a list of actions in accordance with the above problems ✅:

  1. Use for those products for which coupons are intended
  2. If the coupon is shared, then buy several items in one order. To do this, first add what you want to the cart, and then checkout everything in one fell swoop.
  3. Check the shipping cost, subtract it from the total amount, and check if everything fits the requirements.
  4. When the activation period of the coupon has expired, then nothing can be done. Find another discount option or promo code.
  5. If the coupon is not valid in your country, then there is no way to fix it;
  6. You can’t engage in such tricks, because a ban can fly for this;
  7. Wait a while. If there was a glitch, then the developers will figure it out and fix it.

Aliexpress beginner coupon not working

The newbie coupon is only for new site users who have recently registered. But here the main thing is not the time of registration, but the first purchase. After all, this is a discount for the first order.

If you are trying to use the Novoreg coupon for your next purchases, then it will not work.

Why the beginner coupon does not work:

  • Applies not to the first order;
  • You have already used this type of coupons in another account, from the same IP address;
  • The coupon for new users has already been redeemed with the same billing information.


Why does the Aliexpress coupon not work?

When you read any thematic forum, you will find the same explanations as in our article. 
It is important to carefully study the requirements of the coupon and understand what it is for (see above). Do not try to cheat the system, because Ali easily identifies users who are hunting for bonuses and apply the same coupons from different accounts.

Aliexpress coupon not working, what’s wrong?

If you are sure that everything was done 100% correctly, then there is a possibility that a technical error has occurred. This happens especially often on days of big sales and promotions. 
But still, it is worth checking if you made a mistake. Be sure to look at the required amount of the order, the type of coupon, its validity period. 
Perhaps one of these points will be the answer to why the coupon does not apply.

Why is my coupon grey?

This color means that it has expired. Alas, it is no longer possible to activate the discount.

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